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About ND Schools

According to the United Nations, more than 52milion children in the world do not have a school to go to. UNESCO further says that with the pace we are going, it will take about 100 years to have a school for every child in the world to be able to attend. This is in addition to the over 700million adults who cannot read or write or be able to give any sense of direction for their children. From basic kindergarten to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, the unavailability of schools and quality academic environments are prevalent in much of the developing world. 

Walter Cronkite famously said that “Whatever is the cost of our libraries, the cost is cheap compared to an ignorant nation”. We cannot over exaggerate the terrible consequences of poor educational facilities and quality schools in the making of any nation. While bulk of the developed societies are crowded with schools and even public schools having as many as 4 teachers to less than 30 students, the story is vastly different with the developing countries with some having over a 100 pupils learning under a tree from one tired and uninspired teacher. 

ND Schools is an education infrastructure company that simply invests in building and equipping of schools of all levels, teachers training and recruitment , laboratories, libraries and more with special target at the under developed nations of the world. We are of the committed belief that once there is the will, there must be a way and our will is to ensure that everyone especially children have a quality school to go to as mandated by Development Channel, our parent company.